After much consideration…

I have gone ahead and applied for disability. My reasoning is that the worst thing that can happen is that they turn me down. I’m even guessing that that will be the outcome. After all, how debilitating can a headache be? The worst part of it is that no one can comprehend just how much my head hurts. It’s like having a migraine that hasn’t left for over 2 years. Even before it decided to take up permanent residence, it’s been lurking in the background since 2006, when I started getting “migraines” about once or twice a month. That’s over 6 years of constant pain. Constant pain brings on depression. I’m not optimistic about my chances of being approved for disability. I’m being realistic here. Not to bring politics into the discussion, but I really don’t see the government wanting to pay out for a relatively minor ailment (even though the pain is enough to make me black out at times) when there is a huge budget deficit and “real” disabilities.


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