In vino veritas

I will preface these remarks by admitting that I am enjoying a lovely bottle of chardonnay from Washington state. Of course, the only reason I am drinking the chardonnay is that my malbec from Argentina was corked when I went to open it. Now that that confession is out of the way, I can get on with my actual post.

I have been very busy lately with a new job. It’s the first full time job that I have acquired since my ill-advised move back to southern California, not counting the short stint I did as a player support associate for an MMORPG. Slightly off the subject, since I am in vino, is that supposed to be a MMORPG or an MMORPG? I never did understand when you are supposed to use which, when the acronym changes the sound. I do know that it’s always “an” when it prefaces a word beginning with “h” such as “an historical document” which has always sounded strange to me.

Okay, so… back on topic. Maybe. New job. So, I have a full time job again, which makes me feel kind of like a grown up, which I suppose I really should be, since I’m peeking at 40 coming up really fast. I feel the years more and more, as I get older. I have discovered that I have turned into that grumpy old person who complains about how kids have it so easy these days, and how life was much harder back in my day. As much as I love having the knowledge of the world at my fingertips on my phone or laptop, I do shed a tear inside when I realize that my son has no clue what a card catalogue is, or a rotary phone. Cell phones have always existed for him, and so have mp3 players and GPS.  I highly doubt that he remembers when we drove cross-country from San Diego to Gastonia, North Carolina and I used a map to locate where we were and where we needed to be. Life for him is plugging in what you want into a device, and it giving you instant results. He has never known the pain that is researching for hours in the library to write an essay on a subject.

Sadly, I believe that technology is slowly making the world a dumber place to live in. Maybe I’m the only one that feels this way? I saw a story that stated that North Carolina was going to require penmanship (which was a requirement in CA when I was growing up) and when I posted online that I thought that was a wonderful idea, I got pushback from others who stated that handwriting is dead. Everything can be done on computers or phones these days; why should we teach our children cursive? Why should we not teach our children cursive? Or, at the very least, legible block printing. I cringe at the thought of a world where personal, handwritten letters don’t exist. Writing used to be an art. Calligraphy is beautiful. Reading text messages in “text speak” is painful to me. It takes me too long to try to interpret what is meant when a message is sent with missing letters and punctuation. I guess I’m old.

I remember when my father turned 40, and it seemed so old. Next month, my sister turns 40. Where did all the years go? I’ve glossed over my health problems previously, and I treat every birthday as if it were going to be my last, because it just might be. I hope my son is old enough to remember me fondly when he looks closely at 40.