I’m still alive, and occasionally even kicking

I haven’t been writing very much, because this is a very difficult time of year for me. Bad things always seem to happen in the autumn and winter. I survived the one year anniversary of saying goodbye to my Moo cat for the final time, although I was on edge all day long, and felt like I was barely keeping it together at times. Tiggy always seems to know when I am feeling especially down, and he gets in my face and demands that I give him attention, which usually snaps me out of my funk.

Mom’s cat Munchie has been going downhill steadily for the past several months. About six, to be exact. Mom keeps taking him back to the vet to get him tested, and to try new medicines and new foods, and sub-cutaneous fluids, and everything else under the sun to keep him going. For some reason, he seems to like eating Tiggy’s food, so I’ve been putting out food for him outside my door, and he eats it. It’s not the best food for him, but at least he’s eating. There was about a 5 day stretch where he ate nothing at all.

I decided to have a mid-life crisis and traded in my “mom-mobile” Sentra for a 350Z convertible, which I love, and everyone else in my family seems to dislike or disapprove of. Of course, since purchasing it, we’ve had more rain than I remember in San Diego in about three or four years. I don’t really mind though, because I’m used to not having the top down when I drive, so it’s not a huge hardship. It’s just odd.

Three months (as of next Saturday, the 7th) I will have been trying to fix my knee. I finally saw the real orthopedist doctor, and he started rattling off everything that’s wrong with my knee (surprise! There’s actually an injury in there, it’s not just a figment of my imagination) and then he started listing everything that’s wrong with my left (currently good) knee. He gave me and/or Mike an ultimatum that my knee needs to be completely better, with no pain by the 23rd when I come back for my follow up, or he’s going to send me for an MRI to see what may be torn in there that’s causing it to not heal. After this long, I should not be in pain any longer. It’s getting very frustrating. In the two or three weeks that I was not able to go to PT, my knee took a huge step backwards – no pun intended – and now hurts even worse than it did before. I’ve had to start relying on a cane to walk, because the knee cannot support itself.

I think the last major news in my life is that I spent Thanksgiving with my father, his wife, and my sister in Yucca Valley. It was really nice not having to work on Black Friday, and getting to see family I don’t normally see. It was great taking Morgan (the Z) out for a road trip, part of which I got to take the top down for. The whole drive home it rained, though. Overall, it was a nice couple days off.


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