Happy New-ish Year

I have this odd habit of not really celebrating New Years in traditional ways. Mostly because I always seem to be single on New Year’s Eve and have no one to kiss at midnight anyway. I also don’t make my “Resolutions” until my birthday, which is in the beginning of February. I figure that I want to get a full year out of each  resolution. That has gotten me thinking about what my resolutions are going to be this year.

I try to be realistic and not make goals like “get back to my high school weight,” because let’s face it, I’d look skeletal at 103 pounds now. I wouldn’t mind dropping  a few pounds, but that just means I’d have to buy new jeans, so is it really worth it? I could do the old “get back in shape and start exercising regularly” again, but that’s going to lead me down that same slope of needing to buy new clothes. Maybe we should work on other goals instead. I’ve thought about “get more organized” but realistically, that wouldn’t work long term. I’m a fairly neat person, and I do tidy on a regular basis, but my living quarters will never be in a magazine, so does it really matter if my magazines are dumped in a pile on top of my desk instead of in a fancy magazine rack? I think not.

There are also the resolutions that I think are truly stupid, such as “I plan to be a nicer person.” Seriously, if you need to write that down as a resolution to work at, you’re a terrible person anyway and probably won’t change. (Just kidding, kinda) So, what does that leave me with? I’m not interested in starting up any new relationship, I can’t plan on moving out of San Diego until my knee situation is resolved, I already have a job that I think I’m doing okay at, even if it isn’t the most exciting reason to wake up every morning, I have the best group of friends I could imagine, and I’m sure as hell not giving up coffee. So, I guess my New Year’s resolution is to just keep on being me.


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