I’m finally going to get the surgery I don’t want, and I’m almost happy about it.

After 7 months of agony, physical therapy, doing painful exercises 5-6 times a day, and generally being miserable, I received the call yesterday that my surgery has been approved by my worker’s comp, so at my appointment on Monday, I will finally get to schedule the surgery and hopefully get my knee fixed.

My biggest problem with this whole thing is that I’m opiate resistant (no heroin addictions for me!) and I have “anaesthesia awareness,” which means that I’ll be wide awake and able to talk, just not move, while under anaesthesia. It’s weird and creepy, and yet kind of fun. I’ve already told my surgeon to plan on just a local for me instead of a general, because it’s a waste of money to try to knock me out. Unless he gives me rohypnol. That knocked me out really well. Then again, it knocked me out for nearly 20 hours straight, and was one of the single worst nights in my life. (They don’t call it the date rape drug for nothing)

I’m hoping that I get my surgery scheduled quickly and that everything goes well, and I’m out of pain soon. Of course, getting to spend time with Mr Big Guns again will be quite pleasant. If you have to do physical therapy, I highly recommend finding an attractive person of whichever sex you’re interested in. It makes the sessions go by much easier. I’ll keep everyone updated as things go along.


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