100 Days of Happiness, part 2

Day 8 – Sunday 4/27 = Family. My mom, sister, brother, and I went out to brunch at The Red Door and had a wonderful time just enjoying great food and each others’ company. It was a bonus that we had an awesome waiter who kept joking and laughing with us the entire time we were there. If you’re ever in San Diego, I highly recommend going!

Day 8 Bonus = My sweet friend washed and shined up my car for me. I park outdoors, so he gets dirty from the pine trees and eucalyptus bark falling down. I love seeing my car gleaming.

Day 9 – Monday 4/28 = Je parle français! (Really badly) I had a customer compliment me on my “perfect Parisian accent” when on a call. Her English was much better than my French, but combined, we got through the call and she was full of praise on how I sound native.

Day 10- Tuesday 4/29 = Fetching kitten. I taught our rescue kitten the commands for “fetch,” “sit,” and “lay down.” She’s not perfect, but she gets them right most of the time. I’m still working on it. Who says a cat can’t be trained?

Day 11 – Wednesday 4/30 = The windstorm. This is one of those things that makes me happy, but also really scares me. I love the Santa Ana winds blowing because it feels so nice to have the wind whipping around, but it also scares me because they often precede a firestorm. We’ve been in a bad drought situation for a while now, and overdue for a big fire.

Day 12 – Thursday 5/1 = Chocolate cake. We celebrated April birthdays at work with chocolate cake. I only had a little bit, because I’m trying to watch my caloric intake until post-surgery when I can actually exercise again and hopefully drop some pounds.

Day 13 – Friday 5/2 = Easter flowers. Yes, Easter has passed, but I love seeing all the flowers around because they’re so pretty and brighten up everything around them.

Day 14 – Saturday 5/3 = Helpful salesmen. I love the AutoZone by my house. Every time I go in there, they offer help, but don’t act condescending to me just because I’m female. I can talk cars with them and they always treat me as an equal there instead of  acting like they know way more about cars than I do (although they may) unlike one of their competitors (whose name starts with N) who always tried to make me feel like I had no clue what I was talking about.


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