100 Days of Happiness, part 3

Day 15, Sunday 5/4 – Baby Milo = I drove up to Carlsbad to pick up a kitten that was going into foster care. Little did I know when I agreed that I would do this that the kitten was only 13 days old. He looks nearly identical to my former baby Milo, right down to the spotted patches on his sides. The differences between them are that his white stripe goes higher up his forehead and he has bright blue eyes instead of green. I handed him off to his new foster mom and she asked if he had a name yet. I told her that he looked just like my former baby Milo, and she said that it sounded like a perfect name for the little guy. Sweet Moo, I still miss you, but I’m glad there’s another Milo to carry on your handsome looks. I hope he inherits your laid back disposition, too.

Day 16, Monday 5/5 – cooler weather = After days of mid-90° w

eather, we finally had a break and dropped back into the mid- to upper-80s. 

Day 17, Tuesday 5/6 – long nap = Nothing feels better than a nice long nap after an especially hard day at work

Day 18, Wednesday 5/7 – May Gray = I had been asking where our traditional May Gray had been this year, as it had so far been absent. Today was the first day that we had the lovely overcast and foggy morning, leading to perfect blue skies by afternoon

Day 19, Thursday 5/8 – draft day = Yes, I’m a football fan. I’ve been anxiously awaiting this year’s draft, because there were more overrated players than underrated, and I wanted to see how they did. I was happy about some of the placements, and disappointed that a few others didn’t get drafted sooner. Such is life.

Day 20, Friday 5/9 – worker’s comp leave = I am officially out of work on worker’s comp disability until further notice. I don’t know how long it will last, but I’ll enjoy it while it does.

Day 21, Saturday 5/10 – Lions, tigers, & bears (oh my!) = I was honored to be invited to the annual fundraiser at Lions, Tigers, & Bears in Jacumba. We’re talking big money fundraiser here. I was invited by the founder of the Rescue House, the cat rescue organization I volunteer for, which really surprised me. There are over 300 volunteers in the organization, and she selected me as one of only 8 available tickets.


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