100 Days of Happiness, part 4

Day 22 – Sunday 5/11 = Mimosas & mother’s day. When I had asked my mom what she wanted for mother’s day, she very adamantly replied that she didn’t want anything. No brunch, no shopping, no movies, nothing. So, I figured I’d give her what she wanted and leave her alone. To that end, I went to my sweet friend’s house where he mixed up mimosas for us, and then we watched TV and generally relaxed. It was a nice stress-free day.

Day 23 – Monday 5/12 = free coffee. There is a gas station near my house that brews excellent coffee, and the owner refuses to let me pay for my drinks. It’s such a minor thing, and yet, it means so much.

Day 24 – Tuesday 5/13 = great conversation with my neighbor. I caught up with my neighbor regarding everything that’s going on in our lives. It was just a wonderful conversation full of jokes and laughter, which helped ease my mind regarding my surgery.

Day 25 – Wednesday 5/14 = surgery is done. And speaking of… my surgery is over with. Unfortunately, it didn’t go as smoothly as was planned. We were expecting a torn meniscus, but instead, it turns out that the condyle (the bumpy part at the top of the tibia) has been grinding down and is seriously fractured instead of nice and smooth. The doctor did scrape it down and clean it up, so hopefully I’ll get some new cartilage growing in, and won’t have to worry about a bigger surgery any time soon.

Day 26 – Thursday 5/15 = mint chip ice cream. We’ve had a nasty heat wave for the past several days, with temperatures either just at or over 100°F. That’s absolutely miserable when you have your leg wrapped from mid-thigh to foot, living on a second story where heat rises, and no air conditioning. Thankfully, my mom was nice enough to buy me some mint chocolate chip ice cream to help cool me down, as well as to soothe my throat from the intubation part of the anaesthesia process.

Day 27 – Friday 5/16 = catching up on sleep. I think I must have spent a good 12 hours sleeping throughout the day. I was so worn out from the surgery still, and the heat wasn’t helping. Getting some extra sleep definitely helped improve my outlook on whatever is coming next in my life. 

Day 28 – Saturday 5/17 = playing with kittens. We had another big cat/kitten adoption fair today, and I was able to shadow one of our adoption counselors, so that I could learn more about what it takes to become a full-fledged adoption counselor. It was also nice getting to meet many of my fellow volunteers that I’ve exchanged emails with regularly, but never met in person.


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