100 Days of Happiness, part 5

Yes, I’m late getting this posted. It’s been a rough week for me here in week 6, and I’m struggling mentally, but I’ll get through it. There has to be at least one thing that makes me happy every day, right?


Day 29 – Sunday 5/18 = drove to the store by myself. For the first time since surgery (only 4 days previous), I was given permission to drive my car again, as long as it wasn’t for a long period, and that I was careful about moving my knee too much. 

Day 30 – Monday 5/19 = lunch/bay with Isaac. My friend Isaac came and picked me up (and then I let him drive my Z) and we went down to the bay to sit in the sun and hang out, and then went to my favorite brewpub (Coronado Brewing Company) and had lunch.

Day 31 – Tuesday 5/20 = massage. I treated myself to a massage to de-stress.

Day 32 – Wednesday 5/21 = new purse. After discovering that my traditional shoulder purses are not practical for use while on crutches, I searched and searched and finally found a really cute cross-shoulder bag that is roomy enough to carry everything I need, but small enough to stay out of my way.

Day 33 – Thursday 5/22 = stitches removed. I will admit I was happy about it at the time, but I wasn’t happy Friday afternoon when the right incision opened back up again, just 10 minutes before my surgeon’s office closed. 

Day 34 – Friday 5/23 = started crocheting a scarf. The last time I picked up my crochet needle and did anything besides move it from one box to another was over 12 years ago, when I made my son a baby blanket. After a week of mostly boredom (there’s only so much reading one can do before one’s eyes cross), I decided to crochet something. It turned out to be a scarf.

Day 35 – Saturday 5/24 = meeting with friends. Went up to Amy’s house to meet with our fundraiser committee and had a great time laughing and talking, but also getting things finalized for the fundraiser on the 6th. 


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