100 Days of Happiness, parts 7 – ….

I’ve been negligent in posting updates on here, as so much has been going on in my life. On Monday, July 28, I will have completed 100 days of noticing at least one something a day that made me happy. Most of them are not big things, many of them are things I wouldn’t have even noticed if I hadn’t been looking for them. That’s what made this whole project so much fun. Will I continue it? I’m not sure. It’s been a very rough year for me so far, with more bad things than good, but I’ve managed to at least stay on an even keel for most of it. I’ve only had a few times where I’ve sunk into a depression, and I was generally able to pull myself out fairly quickly. So, keep an eye out, and sometime next week, I will post the entire 100 days list.